Winter Wardrobe Wonders of New Yorkers

The winter is a great time to visit NYC. However, it can get freezing, especially if the wind is blowing. In the brisk embrace of winter, New Yorkers don’t just endure the cold; they make a bold fashion statement. The winter wardrobe wonders of the city’s residents unfold as a symphony of cozy elegance and practical chic. Bundled in layers, they navigate the bustling streets with a flair that seamlessly blends warmth and style. From trendy oversized coats that serve as both shields against the biting wind and fashion canvases to the ubiquitous array of stylish scarves, gloves, and hats, every accessory becomes an opportunity for personal expression. The cityscape transforms into a runway adorned with a palette of muted tones and vibrant pops of color, showcasing an eclectic mix of textures and fabrics. Amidst the snowflakes, New Yorkers redefine winter fashion, proving that even in the coldest season, the streets of the Big Apple remain a vibrant showcase of sartorial creativity.

Fortunately, New Yorkers have some tricks up their sleeves to stay stylish in the cold. Here are some of their favorite winter outfit combos. They are a good mix of function and fashion.

Puffer coats

It’s a truism that if you wait long enough, anything once considered unfashionable will eventually find its way into fashion. The same can be said for puffer coats, the padded jackets that have been having their moment.

Puffers (or down or down-like jackets) were first created in 1936 by Eddie Bauer, who encased goose and duck feathers into quilted fabric to keep him warm. Today, they’re usually made of a water-resistant nylon or polyester fabric with synthetic filling and reflective liners.

They have seen a surge in popularity since 2016, when River Island released a pink “sleeping bag coat” that looks like a pulled-on blanket and Theresa May emerged from Whitehall in a sleeveless floor-length one, prompting her to have her own fan-fueled Instagram handle. Demna Gvasalia’s oversized Balenciaga coats also caught on in 2018, with versions that creep past the bicep, almost as if to expose embellished shoulders.


A sweater is a garment designed to keep you warm. It is typically knitted either manually or by machine and can be made from various fibers, including wool and acrylic. You can also find sweaters that are made from synthetic fabrics that mimic the properties of natural materials. A sweater can be worn as a pullover or button-placket style and can feature either a crew neck or mock neck style.

No winter trip to NYC is complete without a cozy sweater. While that thin off-the-shoulder sweater may be perfect back home, it will not cut it walking around NYC for hours in frigid AF temperatures. Look for chunky, breathable sweaters to help you survive the cold weather while looking fashionable. Pair your sweater with a stylish hat and gloves for the ultimate winter outfit.

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Scarves are the perfect winter accessory because they are functional and stylish. They can keep your neck and shoulders warm while also adding a pop of color to your outfit.

They come in different shapes and sizes. Traditional scarves are rectangular and measure between 60 and 70 inches in length. They can be draped and fall around the neck or tied in a bow or knot.

There are also triangular scarf types, which can wrap around the neck and fall on the shoulders. These are called stoles and are popular with both male and female wearers.

Scarves are also great to have on hand when you’re out and about. They’re useful when you visit a crowded holiday market or stand in line at TKTS to buy Broadway tickets.


A pair of gloves is one of the outermost layers for winter outfits in NYC. You can pair them with a cashmere sweater, a wool coat, or even a hoodie to create a cozy ensemble that defies the chill.

Snow in New York City is magical for the first hour or so, but after that, it turns into a dirty gray slush and icy mess that you’ll need to trudge through. That’s why a pair of sturdy waterproof boots is essential when visiting NYC in the winter.

Choose a style that complements your coat and other warm-weather items, or add a pop of color for a statement look. If you have a touchscreen-friendly pair, they will also allow you to use your smartphone without freezing your fingers.


A good jacket is a necessity for the NYC winter. It can keep you warm and looking fabulous while exploring the city. You can find plenty of stylish options online.

You’ll want something waterproof since NYC can be surprisingly snowy. Also, the snow usually morphs into a frigid AF slush puddle that you’ll have to trudge through.

A trench coat is a classic look that works well for most cold weather conditions. You can wear a trench coat with skinny jeans and leather boots for an easy outfit that’s perfect for running errands or going to a movie. A hooded parka is another great option for an outer layer that will keep you cozy without adding too much bulk. A quilted jacket is also lightweight and fashionable.