Spacenet TV Reveals Weekend Box Office Trends

Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” and Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” proved box office sensations, surpassing projections and giving much-needed life back into the exhibition business. Both films also saw strong large-format screenings which often sold out. This week’s other standouts weren’t movies but rather episodes from television series that have been theatrically released.

Dune: Part Two

After an impressive opening frame with 62% in its second weekend at the box office, Dune: Part Two continued its strong performance at Legendary Entertainment/Warner Bros’ 2021 adaptation of Frank Herbert’s saga starring Oscar nominee Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya, this Legendary Entertainment/Warner Bros sequel delivered 62% more at its second-weekend box office gross. Reviews were positive; goodwill was garnered from previous moviegoers; there is pent-up demand for premium theatrical experiences; as well as stellar performances from the ensemble cast including Rebecca Ferguson, Stellan Skarsgard, and Dave Bautista.

Major factors were the availability of IMAX and Dolby Cinema showings, which helped drive ticket sales. Attendance at those premium theaters was strong on opening night and is expected to hold strong throughout the week. Last night was particularly strong at these premium theaters, and fans should expect it to remain popular all week. A must-see sci-fi epic for fans as well as audiences returning after some time away, it may face tough competition next week from Godzilla x Kong as well as Warner Bros.’ release of less certain Mad Max: Furiosa.

The Chosen

At a time of endless streaming cancellations, it is rare for any show to last multiple seasons and thrive while catering specifically to one group of fans. But that is exactly what has happened with The Chosen, a crowdfunded series about Jesus produced by protestant pastor Dallas Jenkins and starring Catholic mystic Jonathan Roumie as Jesus before being distributed through Mormon-owned Angel Studios as something of a “Hail Mary pass”. VidAngel, a service which enabled Christians to filter nudity and profanity out of mainstream TV shows and movies before being sold due to multimillion-dollar copyright lawsuits by its creators before being sold off after several multimillion dollar copyright lawsuits were won against its creators after becoming successful against an intellectual property lawsuit settlement award was received against its owner by Angel Studios after its sale after multimillion dollar lawsuit settlement agreement was secured against it’s owners Angel Studios when VidAngel made its initial splash through its sale after initially making its name known before being sold off after multimillion dollar copyright lawsuit settlement agreement clause was settled upon against its owner Angel Studios once made an impressive mark before being sold after multi million-dollar copyright lawsuit settlement agreement was secured allowing Christians filtering nudity out of mainstream TV shows and movies before being sold off due to Christian interest being offered upon sale after its production arm VidAngel service allowed Christians filtering nudity out before it became VidAngel.

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Fathom Events will release the third and final season of The Chosen this weekend, hoping to build on its impressive track record thus far. Despite having a religious subject matter, social media trends and pre-sales have shown little evidence of audiences outside faith-driven fans for this sci-fi blockbuster.

Demon Slayer: To the Hashira Training

Demon Slayer: To the Hashira Training secured second place at this weekend’s box office with around 11.5 million USD in ticket sales—an impressive performance when taking into account that it faced stiff competition theatres nationwide.

PostTrak audiences gave this movie an impressive B+ rating and 68% recommendation rating based on audience demographics. Males made up 65% while 24% were female.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: To the Hashira Training followed a similar format as its predecessor film, featuring both the final two episodes from season three and an hour-long special set during Hashira meeting called by Amane Ubuyashiki for season four, including some exclusive scenes that give fans of the series an idea of what awaits them in season four. This movie also includes several anime-original scenes; giving viewers an early look into season four.

The Greatest Showman

After an initially slow release and its subsequent re-release in Britain, The Greatest Showman is beginning to gain momentum. Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of circus impresario PT Barnum makes for an exciting spectacle; using “freaks” such as a bearded lady and dog-faced boy as part of his unique circus acts to draw crowds into his shows; in turn forming an unconventional romance with Anne Wheeler (Zendaya).

Benj Pasek and Justin Paul’s hit songs from Dear Evan Hansen and La La Land have ensured The Greatest Showman remains relevant today. The movie makes its point about accepting others while accepting our individual uniqueness; though some aspects of Barnum’s exploitative methods were avoided for an all-ages family-friendly viewing experience reminiscent of Old Hollywood spectacle. At a time when superhero movies are becoming darker while Star Wars films address racial politics head-on, The Greatest Showman provides a refreshing alternative with its brand of go-for-broke showmanship!