10 Best Blogs to Follow About Video Posts

You can expand or keep your audience by posting your video on numerous platforms at the same time. Every distribution method possesses particular advantages. By publishing your video on a public Medium-branded blog, you have the potential to connect with new people who are interested in the information you produce and could end up becoming clients.


Wistia is a video marketing-optimized web server. SEO-friendly embed code boosts video rankings. It offers extensive analytics, including viewer-specific heat maps and timeline action results.

Wistia’s setup is simple. It offers A/B testing, turnstiles, CTAs, and chapter organization. It integrates with HubSpot, Pardot, and Marketo.


Flipboard lets people create and share topical magazines. The software filters false content.

McCue has attended several Fediverse events, including the virtual FediForum unconference. The company’s publisher sign-up mechanism automatically adds publishers to the app.


Hubspot is a complete marketing and sales platform. Its SEO, CRM, and landing page tools make it a one-stop shop for inbound marketing.

Hubspot’s professional version has the functionality to grow and manage marketing automation. Email health insights, form follow-ups, etc. It tracks visitor data and nurtures leads.


Content providers may present their quality videos uninterrupted on Vimeo. Its team collaboration capabilities include work review pages, time-coded feedback, approval tracking, and organized revision history. Users can password-protect recordings.

Its smaller, community-driven audience is more supportive and thoughtful. Vimeo Staff Picks are prestigious and have created careers.


Vidyard creates and hosts videos and lets you measure ROI. It interacts with CRM and marketing automation tools to measure video pipeline and client engagement.

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It’s simple despite its initial complexity. They offer complete sales and marketing programs for all levels.


Instagram reels boost interaction and attracts new followers. They also allow brands to exhibit their creative content.

Reels suit Gen Z brands. This age group appreciates Reels that showcase their individuality, interests, and passions.

Hubspot Marketing Blog

HubSpot blogs automatically optimize posts for SEO. This improves SEO and leads-to-customers conversion.

The blog covers marketing, sales, and service. The company’s main buyer persona reads this. Content offers and learning materials nurture leads on blogs.

ReelSEO Podcast

Video podcasts deepen viewer-host relationships. Your video podcast may also go viral, enlarging your audience.

Podcasts index better than transcripts. SEO Pod-Hack: Keywords in podcast titles and descriptions boost finding.


The video showcases your brand better than writing. It can assist teach complex topics or demonstrate your offerings.

LinkedIn allows 10-minute videos. Keep your movies business-related since the platform is mainly for business.

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